Monday, 6 August 2012

The need for flexibility in education

As I'm still in the process of planning Tiger's Year 3, I am finding this particular 3-part video of a recent interview with Sir Ken Robinson to be very interesting.

I am not particularly impressed by the teenage interviewers as they are clearly reading from a script, which really doesn't cut it for me, especially since the topic of school should be their primary concern and I'd expect them to fire questions at Sir Ken Robinson off the top of their heads.  Given that they got to interview Sir Ken as a group, I assume this is some kind of class project reserved for the top students in a public/private school.  I am comforted by the fact that I have personally witnessed primary-aged (7-11 years old) homeschooled children in England conduct more spontaneous, unscripted, lively, intelligent exchange with university professors and other professionals in various fields.... Skip the final 2 minutes of part 3, if you like, it's utterly moronic and cringe-worthy.

Luckily, Sir Ken's response provides interesting food for thought in terms of the need for flexibility in the delivery of education, which can be quickly and easily implemented in a homeschool environment, rather than having to jump through bureaucratic hoops of public/private school.

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  1. I love his comments. We skipped those last 2 minutes (thanks for the heads up). We not only discussed what Sir Ken had to say and how much it resembles homeschooling but also that given my own limited experience and interest at that age, it's possible that I would have asked the same canned questions. I'm glad kiddo has the time and flexibility of homeschooling to be able to think more creatively and also *allowed* the freedom to think creatively. Great post!


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