Monday, 13 August 2012

Dress them up!

The second workshop that we attended at the National Theatre was a costume making workshop led by the main costume designer there.  The workshop started out with a brief introduction of how costume designers and makers at the National Theatre work, where they get their ideas from, and how they go from having an idea to making the actual costume.

We were then put into groups of four or five to brainstorme ideas on what we have understood so far about costume designing:

Each group was given a well-known fictional character to create the costume for, using scissors, markers, cellotape, and brown papers.   There was much discussing, drawing, cutting, measuring, and sticking together pieces of paper.  One thing I really appreciate about workshops like this is the exposure to group dynamics -- e.g. collaborating, sharing ideas, adapting to others' working styles -- for Tiger.

The character we were assigned to was The Cat in the Hat.

Here is a sample of the various costumes created within the 45 minutes we were given:

Once again, we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly.  Now, I am on the lookout for suitable theatre/drama classes for Tiger.

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