Tuesday 28 August 2012

A sporty summer

This summer has been a truly relaxed one as far as we're concerned.  I, for one, have felt very rested and am now ready to face starting our new academic year in September.  This summer has been very different from last summer, which I am surprised by yet am grateful for.  Routines can become rather dull.

While I rested, Tiger has been very active.   He passed his grading in karate and is now a blue belt.

He has also been introduced to the new sports of kendo, which is the Japanese swords fighting.  After a few sessions of training, Tiger is very keen to continue with it whenever his karate sensei next arranges for it.

The rest of the summer was dotted with tennis, badminton, tramplining, and archery.

The latest sport to have taken root is off-road cycling.  Tiger has been going out on rides with Tortoise almost every day.  Thanks to the longer daylight hours, they have been able to cycle for one to two hours each time and cover increasingly longer distances and more challenge terrains.

It's not summer for us without having been on the beach, so we did.  I relaxed on the picnic rug reading and sketching, 


while the boys dug, swam, and mostly just played.

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