Sunday 5 August 2012

Our summer so far...

So far (before it started raining again, that is), we made the most of the sunny and dry weather to be out and about most of the time.  In no particular order:
  • Tiger has been cycling a lot lately.  After he fell off the bike last summer he didn't want to go near it.  Somehow the sunny weather and his desire to cover further distances at a faster speed prompted him to give cycling another go.  This time, he loves it and has been cycling around the neighbourhood with Tortoise for at least an hour every evening.
  • I have had success with my first homemade blueberry ice-cream this summer!
  • We have spent lots of time together as a family, as well as with our extended family, on long nature walks and just generally enjoying one another's company.
  • We made time for afternoon tea and generally staring at the passing clouds.
  • We made our annual 'pilgrimage' to Constable Country.  All of us have fallen in love with that place eversince we first encountered it last summer.   The boys went there to row on the River Stour, while I just love the general atmosphere there.
  • We made a number of interesting discoveries on our walks: a Roman viaduct still used by mainline trains, a Saxon church, a Medieval church, ancient graves... etc.  England is such an old place that one never knows what one can see just by walking around!
Note that I haven't mentioned books or academic studies!  Hooray, we're actually enjoying our summer time!

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