Friday 14 December 2012

Advent: Pinecone bird feeder

As we make preparations for the cold weather, we also notice that our birdie friends can do with some help in terms of food so one of the activities that we have done is to make pinecone bird feeders.

The supplies:
  • bird food
  • lard or suet
  • string or yarn
  • pine cones

There is no hard and fast rule to do this, but we have found that tying the yarn to the pine cone first makes things a lot easier later.  Be sure to leave enough string to hang the pine cone later.

Next, cut the lard up into small pieces and push them into the grooves of the pine cone.

Roll the pine cone in the tray of bird food such that the food is pressed onto the lard.

When it's all done, hang the feeders outside in a safe area for the birds.  It may take a few days for the birds to discover their new treats, but the food is there whenever they find it.  Normally the birds will just pick the seeds out, leaving the lard behind.  When that happens, you can always take the pine cones in and top them up again with fresh new seeds and/or small pieces of dried fruit.

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  1. I've always wanted to do this but for some reason or other have been putting it off. I think I will try it this year! Thanks for the pointers!

  2. Such a fun craft for this time of year!

  3. My kids and I love making these. I never thought of using lard however. We use almond butter.

  4. We did pinecone bird feeders this week also. And our birds are LOVING them!!! We used peanut butter, but the lard is a good idea!

  5. I'm inspired. We've been wanting to do a little bird feeder craft as we're just finishing up a little bird unit. This one seems easy enough!

  6. Great project! We are planning to make some bird feeders in the next few weeks and I will be sure to show my kids your project too.

  7. It's projects like this that make me wish I could find pinecones.......

    I like using lard for this, less messy for little hands.

    Thanks for linking up to Science Sunday

  8. We love making these each year with our playschool children! I featured them on my blog today! Thaks for sharing them with us at the All Year Round Blog Carnival: Winter!


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