Thursday 20 December 2012

Advent: Count down to Christmas

Five more days to Christmas.  It's beginning to look, sound, and smell Christmassy around here.

For us, the Christmas season only starts when the tree is put up and decorated.  As we have quite a big tree, the whole affair usually takes a few hours to complete.

First we need to get the enormous box out of storage:


Then the boys will assemble the tree:

Once the bare bones are up, Tiger and I get to put the decorations on.

This year Tiger has a lot more say in how he wants to decorate the tree.

Luckily for us, the tree is so tall that the job of decorating it can be evenly divided into two parts: the higher part and the lower part.  Therefore, Tiger got to do the lower part of the tree while I was in charge of the higher of the tree.  The tree turned out fine.

Now that the Christmas season has been officially ushered into our household, there has been a daily dose of Christmassy songs and smells to accompany our days:

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