Saturday 8 December 2012

Advent: Paper chains

We are about one-third of our way through the advent and we have managed to keep up with the advent activities!  Wow, that's pretty good going.  I think we are succeeding so far because this year I am a little wiser and older, and therefore have learned to be sensible about allocating enough slacks among the days so that there are always low-involvement activities to break up high-involvement activities.  This way, we don't get overwhelmed by activities that are supposed to be good fun and lose sight of the importance of just enjoying each other's company.

 Making paper chains is one of those low-involvement activities that we did.  I even bought a pack of ready-made Christmas papers for that, although any paper will do:

With a glue stick in hand, Tiger got down to work.  Tiger wanted to use the stapler but I talked him out of that idea, purely for aesthetic reasons:

Making the paper chain is a somewhat repetitive process, so we spent the time chatting while listening to a playlist of medieval Christmas music (since we are still in the medieval period in our history study).  With the music playing in the background, it suddenly began to feel a little chrismassy here.  Tiger recognised many pieces from the playlist from the numerous re-enactments that we have been to.

It didn't take long to complete the activity.  The chain now sits nicely on the banister:

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  1. 60?! Wow - I've never seen them that long!

  2. Thanks for linking up at Its a Wrap. We, too, made the advent chain many many moons ago. The kids loved it. I think hanging it on the bannister was a great idea.


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