Monday, 12 December 2011

The tree is up!

We try not to hype up Christmas too much here.  It is probably the only festival that we pay much attention to each year.  Therefore, even though the supermarkets started selling Christmas items as early as in mid-October, in our house we tend not to start any Christmassy events until mid-December.  For us, two weeks is plenty long enough to fuss over a holiday.

Putting up the tree marks the start of our Christmas season.  Life carries on as usual, but we'll also spend some time doing Christmassy activities from now on.  For example, we caught up with Christmas-related science tidbits by using this Science Advent Calendar.

I like to try new food, so I marked the start of the Christmas season by trying out the eggnog latte.  Hmm... it is not my favourite flavour, but at least I now know what it tastes like!

1 comment:

  1. Ooh -- your tree is beautiful!! And Eggnog Lattes are my favorite Starbucks drink this time of year. I'm sorry you don't like them -- maybe you should try adding a splash of rum!? :)


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