Friday, 23 December 2011

We wish you a Merry Christmas!

We are going to take a break from studies -- about time!  This year's Christmas preparation has been under control in the sense that we have avoided the frenzy of Christmas rush and have not attempted to do every single Christmas activity available.

Instead, we have concentrated on a selected few Christmas activites, read a few books,

and made mince pies.  Once we have eaten home-made mince pies, that's it!  We're taking time off to be with family and friends.

Before we go, Tiger wishes everyone a very Merry Christmas:

We are going to wait for Father Christmas to show up now.  While we wait, it is probably sensible to get to know him a little better by watching the following documentary about how he has evolved through the years:

We wish everyone a very peaceful and joyous holiday with their family and loved ones.  See you in the new year!


  1. We took several week off as well Hope you had a very nice Christmas. We will be in London for a week mid Jan:)

  2. The Adventurer - what a pity that we won't be in London in mid January, otherwise it might be possible to meet up. I hope you have a wonderful time in London. It's always a good day out for us. :-)


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