Sunday, 27 October 2013

Autumn Through His Eyes

The days are getting shorter and the temperature has certainly fallen.  Autumn is undisputedly here.

What does autumn look like where you are?  This year autumn has been very wet so we haven't been out for walks too much.  Instead, we spent much of our time indoors anticipating autumn while waiting for the rain to stop.  When we couldn't wait any longer, we headed out to the woods in the pouring rain.

Walking in the autumn rain is quite an experience.  I recommend everyone to do it at least once in their lives.  The ground is wet and muddy, the air has a very distinct smell, the sound of the raindrops beating on the leaves and the ground is can be defeaning.  The forest looks very different in the rain.

When we had a day that was bright and sunny, Tiger and I went for our 'official' autumn walk, i.e. the one that marks the beginning of our autumn nature study.  This year, instead of having him just walk and observe the signs of autumn, I asked Tiger whether he would like to record his interpretation of autumn using a camera.  He gladly agreed.

The mandate that I gave Tiger was to record autumn using his camera.  I wanted him to show me his interpretation of autumn.

When we were in the woods, I reminded Tiger what he was there to do, i.e. to take photographs to show what he considers to be signs of autumn, we got on with our photo-taking individually and separately while staying close to each other all the time.  I didn't want to influence his choices.  At the same time, I was curious to know how he sees the world.

Tiger took many photographs, which we then came home to look through.  As we looked through his photos, we talked briefly about why he chose certain scenes or angles (that's about as much as I know about photo-taking) before he chose which ones he is happy to show.

Here they are:

This exercise has been interesting to me in another way:  I realise how different my son and I see the world.  We were at the same place at the same time, but while he seemed to focus more on the 'bigger' atmosphere of the forest, I found myself looking at details such as the close ups of leaves and nuts:

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  1. Lovely photos all round! :) Hope you guys are not in the storm's path? Take care and be safe!

  2. Thank you, Suji! No, fortunately we are just out of reach of the storm but the wind has been wild today.

  3. I think that is a great thing to have your child do -- document a nature walk through THEIR eyes. I love how you and your son had different perspectives, too!

  4. Thanks, Mary. :-) I was fascinated, too, by what captures my son's attention while we are on our walks.

  5. We have a little Crayola camera for my 3 year old and it is incredible the things they see and the way they see them. What a lovely place to explore!

  6. Aaahh lovely posts and gorgeous pictures from both of you x

  7. So many lovely Autumn pictures, I really like the scenary photos that your son took and your detailed pictures too! #countrykids x

  8. Some great photos there from your son. It looks like he has a real interest in photography and captures some lovely aspects of autumn. Thank you for sharing on Country Kids.

  9. Oh my goodness! He has real talent with the camera. I'm very impressed with his photos.

  10. Thank you, Julie. I'll pass on your compliments to Tiger. :-)

  11. Oh that would be fun to get a kids' eye view of autumn. I love walking in rain, so that would be really fun.

    Thanks for linking up to Science Sunday!

  12. beautiful area! and wonderful pictures! i'm so glad you got to spend some significant time out there!

    oh and thanks for sharing with {nsm!}, i hope you can be regularly encouraged to keep up on your nature studies!! come back soon. :)

    amy in peru


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