Monday, 24 October 2011

You can't get away with that!

So said my son, about my making the Irish Stew as our hands-on project when we studied the Celts.  Apparently, he was not happy that we did not try to do more than eating, so he insisted that we actually make something!

Alright, it's his education so I'm more than happy if he wants to do additional work on a certain topic.  I let him choose a project from the same project book that was used in the previous week.  He wanted to make a Celtic dagger and scabbard, so we got to work.

The original instructions in the book suggest using card to make the items, but I used cardboard instead, for a stronger weapon.  A card dagger will be too flimsy.

I drew the patterns on the cardboard and cut them out.  Tiger did the rest.

Now he is happy.  We can move on to the next topic.

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  1. Classic boy crafts! My girls would have wanted to create some kind of dress or jewelry craft.

  2. A friend of mine with two girls told me that she hoped her next child was also a girl because boys turned everything into guns. I told her guns would be the least of her problems if she had a boy -- in our house (boys, aged 4 and 8), if it's long enough, it's a light saber, and if it's not long enough, it's a dagger. When you said you cut the dagger shape out of cardboard, my thought was that you need some plywood or particle board so it would really hold up. Boys rock!

  3. Thank you for visiting and leaving comments, ladies!

    Boys and girls are indeed different, and should be allowed to follow their natural tendencies while being taught to respect gender differences. I am inclined to uphold what I consider to be very natural to boys -- a strong fighting spirit and interest in conflicts and weaponry -- rather than to suppress them. Only when we allow boys to grow naturally (with proper guidance of course) and to direct their forceful energy in the right way that we can expect to see them grow into men who are capable of protecting their families.

    Flamingo - thank you for your suggestion of using plywood or particle board to make a sturdier dagger. I'll have to look into that!

  4. This is so much like my son. He would have to make something (food doesn't count) before he would leave a subject. Thanks for sharing this with us.


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