Friday, 13 February 2015

Victorian Homes and Leisure

After exploring a Victorian town, we looked inside the homes of the Victorians:

and what they did for leisure:

Even after reading so many books about how the Victorians lived, we feel that we have learnt a fair bit more about the actual home lives of the Victorians from the documentary below:

There are also many Victorian houses, such as Audley End House, dotted around to visit where we can see the interiors as well as some of the toys that the Victorians used to amuse themselves with.

We decided to try our hands at making a few simple Victorian toys:

An interesting fact we learnt about the Victorians and their toys is how simple the mechanisms behind many of the toys are, yet they are full of simple fun and ingenuity, such as the following simple down-the-ramp box that uses the simple principle of shifting weight:

Another example is the simple wind-up toy made out of a spool, a rubber band, and a match stick:

Simple yet very clever, aren't they?

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  1. I once lived in a parsonage where my bedroom was formerly the maid's room (or nursery)--so I had the servant staircase. It was awesome for eavesdropping. :)

    1. You do get around, don't you, qH?! :-) I'm sure eavesdropping was a favourite pasttime for many servants, when they have any time or energy left after a hard day's work!

  2. What a cool field trip! You always take the best field trips.

    1. Thanks, Phyllis. I think we're just lucky that there are so many Victorian-themed activities going on near us! :-)


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