Thursday, 26 February 2015

A Very Full Week

Last week was half-term (school holidays) in the UK.  We kept ourselves very busy with a combination of activities, from which I am still trying to catch my breath.

1.  Drawing
Tiger and I decided to learn to draw something to mark Valentine's Day.

Given the multitude of things that one can draw for Valentine's Day, we thought we would learn to draw a few Art Deco roses:

The result is quite pleasing, although Tiger was happy to leave his drawing uncoloured.

2.  Climbing
Tiger went for his first-ever session of wall climbing and loved it!

I signed him up to try the activity out, not knowing whether how he would take to it.  Tiger was excited by the idea of it, as evident by his thinking and talking about it for days before the actual event.

The wall was much taller than we had anticipated (I had thought that the organiser would let the children who were doing it for the first time to try out 'baby walls' for a start), so I did not know what to expect in terms of how far Tiger would go up the wall on his first attempt.  He made it very nearly to the top.

3.  Reading
We spent a few hours at Tiger's favourite bookstore where he looked through various books before purchasing a few with the voucher given to him at Christmas by his great-aunt and great-uncle.

4. Hanging Out
Tiger's cousin turned 18 last week so there was a big family gathering/party where we saw relatives and caught up with everyone's news, even though we saw one another very recently at Christmas time.

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  1. It looks like a great week. I love climbing walls too, though ironically I don't like heights.

    1. I haven't tried wall climbing but it looks very strenuous, having to climb vertically. Tiger absolutely loves it though. :-)

  2. My son loves rock climbing walls. He says it's a stress reliever. I love the art. Love it. I'm visiting from Weekly Wrap Up!

    1. Thanks, LM! The art deco roses are quite simple in their designs but so appealing, aren't they? I love them too! :-)

  3. My two adore climbing walls too. Have you ever done it? I did as a teenager but when I did it recently as an adult I realised what a work-out it provides - both physically and emotionally. Very character building and strength building! It looks like Tiger's a natural!

    1. I can't be entirely sure, but I vaguely remember attempting wall-climbing once in my youth. I didn't get very far off the gound though... I agree that it is very good for strength building and character training, especially in confidence and perseverance. All the children who were there loved it. :-)


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