Friday, 23 January 2015

A Walk Around Town

One of the many advantages of learning history in the UK is that it is very well preserved everywhere.  While we are currently learning about the Victorians through books

and a documentary,

we are able to take a Victorian-themed guided walk in a historic town, St. Albans, where we can see the various Victorian architecture and buildings while learning the interesting historical development of the town in Victorian times.

Just by living in the UK and observing what's around, most people would be able to recognise Victorian red brick buildings but it was still helpful to have our guide point out a few interesting historical facts about various places.

  1. a typical Victorian angular, red brick building.
  2. a Victorian school building that now a small infant school.
  3. a disused Victorian hat-making factory.
  4. a disused Victorian railway signaling station.
  5. a still-in-use church build in the Victorian times.

There were more to see in and around the town park.

  1. the drinking fountain that was installed in 1894.
  2. the pavillion in the middle of the park where people could sit and rest, or where small-scale performances could be put up.
  3. a horse-racing viewing gallery built by a Victorian aristocrat to entertain his friends and relations.  The horse-racing field in front of the gallery was converted to a cricket ground in the 1970s.

Perhaps the most interesting building we came across on that day was that of the town hall.

The current office (photo 2) was built an extension to the annex of a Victorian prison.  The original Victorian iron railings of the prison building (photo 1) were very visible and well preserved.  The town hall was guarded by a 1840-built, 32-pounder cannon suitably positioned right outside its front door.

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  1. Aren't we lucky to be surrounded by so much history? My primary school was a wonderful old Victorian building, complete with outdoor loos! St Albans is such a historic city isn't it? Thank you for sharing. :-)

    1. I only fell in love with history when I came to this country, because it is so well preserved and made accessible here. IMHO, this really is the best place to learn history! Literature follows as a very close second! :-)

  2. My school was Old Palace in Croydon which was massively historical. It used to be the summer residence of the Arch bishops of Canterbury. The library dated back to Thomas Arundel (14th century). We had royalty banquet here (Henry VI onward) and our gym room was the banqueting hall! Our geography room was called Queen Elizabeth's room because she stayed the night there (QE1st).
    It's no real surprise I love history so much!

    1. Wow, this is very cool, Claire! Thanks so much for sharing! I feel so very lucky that Tiger is growing up in a country that values its own history and preserves it so very well. It is certainly a far cry from where I came from, where nothing dates more than 20 years. It is very important to know one's cultural and societal history to really understand who one is. I always say to my husband that the UK must be the best place to learn history! :-)

  3. This is fascinating especially as I'm planning a trip to St Albans to study the Romans. I love how towns show history from so many different periods often in buildings that are side by side.

    1. It's a very historic town, dating back to well, St. Albans! I hope you get to check out the cathedral in the town because it is dedicated to the saint, and you won't miss the remains of the Roman wall in the town park! If you're going to Verulamium Museum, you'll be in for a treat! There is a fantastic Roman mosaic wall that you won't miss if you're there, and the museum has an excellent collectino of Roman artefacts in its gallery. I hope to read your post about your time in St. Albans soon!


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