Monday, 24 June 2013

The Italian Experience - Roman Baths

Learning about Mount Vesuvius' eruption has given us a reason to revisit some aspects of the Roman culture, which in turn is the perfect excuse to visit the city of Bath...

and its world famous Roman Baths.

The exterior of the site is very impressive.  There are classical statues all around it (built during the Victorian times) with the original bathing pool extremely well preserved.

Compared to my previous visit to the Roman Baths about 15 years ago, the venue has had a major makeover with a large exhibition room.  The exhibits are all very clearly labeled, with detailed explanations and models.  There was a section about Roman life in general, and the people who would have visited the baths back then.

We also learnt that the site was much bigger than what has been preserved, and that there was a temple attached to the bath.  It seems that the Romans made an occasion of visiting the baths not just to clean themselves but also to seek healing from a sacred spring as well as to visit the temple of Sulis Minerva.

What we found to be most interesting was the section about the structural design of the baths.

We also attended the guided tour to learn more about the structure and history behind the baths behind the archaeological findings.

Watching the following documentary adds on to what we have learnt about the structure of Roman baths:

We were very impressed by our visit.  It is definitely a place worth visiting.  You can take a virtual tour of the great bath (the largest pool) here.

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  1. Bath is fantastic. We love the American museum too but that isn't exactly about the Romans!

  2. We went past the American museum but didn't go in. I'll have to save that as a reason to visit Bath again!

  3. Oh wow! That bath even had water. We've visited several, but none were in that great of condition. What a treat!

  4. I guess it having a World Heritage Site status helps with funding for its upkeep. They have done a really good job at preserving it and building a fantastic exhibition room there.

  5. We keep talking about going to bath but it never happens. We are not as good as you at field trips. We only have one car and public transport with five children, one of them a little temperamental, is just not that appealing. One day...when they are all older. Maybe when I'm older and grey they can take me out for a pensioners field trip??

  6. Oh, Claire! Our family dynamics are so different so it's not advisable to compare our homeschooling experiences at all. We must each do our best given our circumstances and resources that are available to us. :-) Your children are learning exceedingly well without having to visit all these places, so it proves that there are many different ways to learn, all of which are valid and effective.

  7. How interesting! Enjoy your weekend!

  8. You know, I never really thought how the town of Bath was probably named after the Roman baths......

    Fun field trip.

  9. What an awesome field trip! I never knew they had temples attached to baths. Thanks for sharing!

  10. How awesome that you have these things available to you! Such history! Do you enjoy the Horrible History books? They are on my list, but our library doesn't have them.

  11. Jessy - Tiger enjoys reading the Horrible History books very much. They are written in a very humourous manner.

  12. How cool to be able to take these kind of field trips.

  13. This looks amazing! What a wonderful field trip! Thank you for sharing at the Culture Swapper!


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