Tuesday, 11 September 2012

All Aboard!

Although we had covered the Phoenicians the year before when we studied the ancient world, when a replica ship docked in London, we could not pass up the opportunity to see it for real.

We went on board the ship to learn more.  The replica ship was built by hand four years ago, based on what would have been an actual Phoenician ship from 600 B.C.  You can read more about the ship and its journey so far here.

Then we were shown the various parts of the ship and its uses.

None was more fascinating than the toilet that the crew has to actually use!  Imagine the experience of having waves washing your bottom when you squat over it.  For some reason I kept imaging the possibility of Jaws jumping up and tearing a piece of flesh off... although logically speaking, that's not possible.  Still...

At the bottom deck was the exhibition space with actual Phoenician artefacts on display.

The most fascinating part of the exhibition is the boat itself, and being on board to see the inner structure of it.  It was a good revision of what we have learned about the Phoenicians.

To refresh our memories, we also watched the documetary, The Quest for the Phoenicians.

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  1. Oh, my, how wonderful!! What an incredible experience!

  2. what a great opportunity! also. yeah. i can totally see jaws jumping up.

  3. That looks like a great field trip.


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