Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Art class: Complementary colours part 2

Following from the previous week's introduction to complementary colours, this week the children learned the different effects of: (1) placing complementary colours side-by-side, and (2) mixing complementary colours together.

The first concept of simultaneous contrast was easily demonstrated by putting two complementary coloured pieces of paper (e.g. red and green) side by side.  The second concept (which causes dullness to one colour) was shown by mixing a little red into green.

Since the second concept of dullness did not appeal to the children very much, I had them do a cut-and-paste project to illustrate the first concept of simultaneous contrast that produced bright and colourful results.

This class concludes our unit on colour.  I received favourable feedback from the mothers, which has certainly been very encouraging:

"Sharon* is very enthusiastic about your art classes, she has just asked me what we are going to do tomorrow, which medium, what to bring..."
-- Sara*

"I would like to convey our appreciation from myself and other mothers who are really impressed with your teaching.  Thank you so much. All the children really look forward to art. Your passion and deep interest and knowledge come across to them and you inspire them.  We are very fortunate to have you teaching the kids."
-- Zoe*

"Sarah* is most definitely enjoying the art classes...since starting your art class she is much more enthusiastic and will happily sit down independently to do something creative.... credit to you as their teacher as it shows the children are defintely taking in the theory side of things and it also shows the planning that has gone into these sessions as well as to how structured the lessons actually are...Thank you very much for your time, effort, hard work and patience with our children."
-- Alice*

"Great class. John* loved it and he was very proud of his pictures today.  Thanks so much!  He draws everyday now, eversince he started taking your class.  He wouldn't do any art previously because someone had told him that he drew like a baby."
-- Jenny*

* names have been changed to protect the privacy of the individuals.

While it has been a positive experience working with the children and introducing them to art, I am taking a short break for a few weeks to review whether to continue with the responsibility.  Teaching a whole class of children takes much planning with regards to lessons and materials, which inevitably means I have even less of the little bit of 'free time' left for my family and for myself.  Even though it has been wonderful to be able to serve others and to have received positive acknowledgement for my effort, it is also important to take care of the needs of my family and myself.

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