Thursday 29 November 2012


We studied the works for Edvard Munch, to tie in with the theme of Halloween, but somehow I did not get round to posting this in time, but here it is now.

As always, we started with the our in-house gallery of postcard-sized art:

As The Scream is probably Munch's most famous piece of work, we concentrated on it by having Tiger narrate the painting to me, followed by a quick read of Munch's biography and looking at this particular painting a little closer using the questions in the book to fill in where Tiger has left out in his own narration.

We learned more about Munch from the following documentary:

We also learnt about the influences behind The Scream, as well as its far reaching effects on modern art:

I gave Tiger a few different options for art projects related to Munch:
  1. write and illustrate a scary story
  2. draw/paint a scary or intense scene
  3. draw/paint a scary or intense self-portrait
Tiger chose to option 1.  Here is his unfinished story....

Title: The Man Who Screamed
Text: Once upon a time, there was a man, he liked walks, but one day he got lost.

Text: But then, he met a witch!!!  But he was turned into a snake.

Our study was tied into a visit to the Tate Modern to see some of Munch's work.

The Scream was not in this exhibition but we were intrigued by the emotive qualities of Munch's work in general.  For the first time, Tiger felt inspired to sketch from a few pieces of work in the exhibition.

I was haunted by a few of the paintings that I saw at the exhibition, to the extent that I had to sketch them quickly onto paper just to get them out of my mind!

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  1. I love your bulletin board with the postcards! I also love that you went to the gallery as well. A wonderful study!

  2. Very nice! Modern Art is so interesting to me. We did a study of it last year and were able to take in an exhibit here in Atlanta on loan from the Met. It was wonderful!

    Your kids are lucky!

  3. Great study! Thanks for sharing at Favorite Resources.

  4. I think it is nice that you've done such an in depth study. It really does facilitate learning about the artist.

  5. This is a great study. I am featuring you at Its a Wrap.


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