Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Love, Generically and Specifically

A conversation took place between a boy and his mother at bedtime last night.

Boy  : I love you generically, Mummy.

Mum: That's nice.

Boy  : But I love Daddy and Nanny specifically.

Mum: Oooohh?  What's the difference between loving someone generically and loving someone specifically?

Boy  : There's no difference, really.  It's all love.

Mum: Surely there's a difference, otherwise why would you use two different terms?

Boy  : Well, I love Daddy and Nanny specifically because I don't see them so much.

Mum: What do you mean?  Daddy comes home from work every evening, and he's here all weekend.

Boy  : I mean compared to the time you and I spend together.  I only see Daddy for a few hours each day, and Nanny a few times each month.  You and I spend more than 12 hours together every day!  That's why my love for you is 'generic'.

Mum: I see.... That makes sense.


  1. Hwee,

    You are bringing up a real thinker! To be loved generically is a wonderful thing!

    1. Sue, I think the way Tiger distinguishes how he feels shows that he is very aware of how he feels about everyone around him. :-) He comes out with some interesting things sometimes.

  2. That is so cute. It's an interesting distinction.

    1. Thank you, Ticia. Children have a way of seeing things that adults often miss. :-)

  3. I missed this before. Absolutely wonderful!!! :-)

    1. Thanks, Lucinda. :-) My husband had a good laugh when I related this conversation to him.


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