Friday, 8 June 2012

Art class: Watercolour painting

I introduced watercolour painting to the children this week.  Most of the children in class would have had some kind of exposure to painting, but not necessarily with watercolour paints.  Before I let the children loose with the paint sets, I showed them: (1) the different types of brushes, and (2) how to take care of their brushes by demonstrating a sensible way to clean and dry their brushes.

After they have practised that for a few times, I showed the children the different ways of mark-making using a single, mid-sized synthetic brush, as well as different ways to create a wash, which also introduces them to the idea of colour mixing.

The children enjoyed creating their pieces and experimenting with the different ways of using their brushes and paints.

For some of the children in the class, this was the first time they have worked with watercolour.  The spontaneity and exuberance of their art work can be seen in the samples below:

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  1. Fun! I'm planning to bring out the paints and thing tomorrow for a little family art fun!

  2. Beautiful paintings!

    Popping in from the WWU

  3. Very sweet!We love watercolours in our home!


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