Saturday, 10 September 2011

Autumn Watch

On our nature walk last week, we spotted early signs of autumn everywhere.  We did not set out to do any specific studies, but there was certainly no way to miss seeing all the beautiful colours of ripening fruit and deciduous leaves.



While nearly all the fields we walked by that day were already harvested (Mr. Farmer has been busy too), we came across one that was still uncut.  Looking at the crop shining in the afternoon light, I was reminded of the song, Fields of Gold, by Sting.  I don't usually recommend pop videos, but I respect Sting as a real musician.  If you know how to take apart the songs he wrote and analyse their structures, you'll know what I mean:

We walked for a few hours that day, taking in all the sights, smells and sounds.  We knew it was time to go home when we saw the migrating birds.

Seeing Mr. Farmer preparing his fields for planting next year's crops also reminded that we have our own work for the new (academic) year to get on with.

Our walk that day was an impromptu so I did not prepare any specific activities to go along with it, but these autumn spotting sheets are useful to anyone (especially if you are in the UK) who wants to have a slightly more directed, educational experience on their nature walks.

Has autumn arrived at where you are?

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