Friday, 7 March 2014

A Royally Dysfunctional Family

The life of Edward II, son of Edward I, seems to be quite dysfunctional, as shown in the following documentary (from 16 to 22 minutes):

His close relationship with Piers Gaveston is a source of much speculation about both men's sexuality, although some scholars believe that there is no conclusive evidence to support it, since both men married women and had children in their respective marriages.

Nonetheless, the two men's closeness (and Edward II's comparative political incompetence compared to his father) incurred the wrath of the barons and Edward II's wife, Isabella of France (see the first 31 minutes of the following documentary):

The deposition of Edward II by his queen, Isabella (with the help of her lover, Roger Mortimer), was at that time, unprecedented and unimaginable, especially if one considers the position of the majority of women in the Middle Ages.


  1. I've come to the conclusion after hearing/reading about many different royal dynasties they're all royally messed up (did you see that pun there?). Probably all the pressure from a young age.

    1. Indeed. It takes a certain type to bestow special privileges unto themselves and who think that they have special rights to rule over others.


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