Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Traditions of the eggs

Tiger already knew the Christian version of the Easter story which talks about the death and resurrection of Jesus,

so we decided to explore a little bit more of the how the rabbit and Easter eggs become part of the traditions of Easter celebration:

The interesting points brought up in the previous clip got us thinking about a few other aspects of history of the ancient world that we had learnt previously:
  • ancient Mesopotamia
  • ancient Rome
  • ancient myths and legends
  • development of the Christian religion in the Western world

It is fascinating for us to hear  accounts of how the spring festival and the Christian festival have been amalgamated, which reminds us of a similar encounter with Christmas

Knowing the implication of the popular symbols of the Easter festival, we feel that we can still enjoy the secular aspects of it by concentrating on the natural, observable phoenomena of the arrival of spring: spring flowers, baby animals, and vibrant colours that come after the bleakness of winter.  I used the following books for this year's eggs-related crafts:

The first one is slightly fiddly.  I saved the egg shells from our breakfast omlette, cleaned them and helped Tiger glue them back together with torn pieces of kitchen roll.  It's very similar to making paper marche.  Once the paper layers were tried, Tiger painted a first overall base coat on the eggs.  When the base coat was dry, it was followed by a second layer of design.

We decided to use hard boiled eggs for the second craft.  Tiger used a combination of wax crayons and small patterned stickers (e.g. dots, stars) to decorate the hard boiled eggs before soaking them in coloured water.

We compared the results of both methods and decided that, although the second method using the hard boiled eggs was easier to handle, we were able to get more interesting base colours from the first simply because we were able to apply a wider variety of paint colours onto the paper covering.

Naturally, a game of egg hunting followed.

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  1. I like the study of Easter History and the bunny to go with the crafts.

  2. Thank you, Julie. We find the history behind the festivals very interesting too. :-)

  3. Your eggs turned out such deep pretty colors. I love how you tied the history to your past lessons. Thanks for continuing to link up and share!

  4. Some colours (black, red, blue) worked better than others (yellow, green, pink), so next year we'll be mindful of which colours to use. Thank you for stopping by, Jennifer. :-)

  5. Lovely Easter post, loving the coloured eggs!

  6. HIs eggs are beautiful. Thanks for sharing on HammockTracks. I am pinning this to my Easter page. I look forward to seeing what you've been up to this week.


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