Friday, 13 April 2012

Funny bones

We are seriously into bones lately.  Just branching off ever so slightly from what we have been doing in science, we are taking a closer look at the topic of vertebrates using this book specifically:

I am finding the book to be an interesting extension to our vertebrate study, in that it contains complete and very hands-on lesson plans, photocopiable sheets and mini reports to be written.  Each lesson (so far) has been easy to implement so that works for us.

The first lesson called for an examination of real animal bones, mostly to identify where the backbone is located in each.  That was a great opportunity for me (as the head chef of the family) to find out which types of animals we could cook and have all the bones intact after the meal.  We settled for haddock and quail.

Once we have played around with the bones and marveled at the unique skeletonal design of each animal, we went on to more backbone identification on paper - on X-ray sheets and worksheets.

The identification part was very obvious for Tiger, except when he was slightly surprised to see how complex the backbone of a snake is.  Although Tiger knew from previous lessons that snakes, being in the reptile group, are vertebrates, he was still baffled by how they are able to slide around and coil themselves up.  This point of misunderstanding was quickly clarified when I took a picture of Tiger's spine to show him that how the vertebral column is actually made of interlocking bones that allow for movements.

As usual, Tiger read some books that are related to each of the 5 vertebrate groups:

None of the books above pleased Tiger as much as the animal jokes books, which resulted in my having had the pleasure of listening to 50 different versions of "Knock, knock.  Who's there?"

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  1. Great unit! I love the Evan Moor books.

  2. What a great study! I loved that you made the school work, work with your eating also! I am not a big unit study fan but this one looks like something my kids would love! We'll have to give it a try.

  3. Great job! Sounds like lots of fun learning was had this week! Knock knock jokes kill me!!! lol Have a great week! Blessings

  4. Where did you get the X-ray pictures? This is cool. Children often have misconceptions about science and it is so hard to get them to let go and change their thinking.

  5. I bought the X-ray pictures many years ago from a company called Acorn Naturalist.

  6. Wow. When you study bones, you don't mess around. The bit about actually cooking up some quail and haddock to have the bones left over for studying. Sounds amazing. Stopping by from the Hop.

  7. Cool photos! We did nature journaling and lots of hands on when my girls were younger. Now virtual schooling and loving it! Still love Sonlight readers! Nice to meet you on this UBP hop! Hope you'll stop by and see me, too!


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