Friday, 27 April 2012

Springtime in our garden

Continuing our efforts to be consistent with entries to our nature journals, we recorded the different flowers we saw blossoming in our back garden.  Our favourite spring flower seems to be the tulip.

We, or rather I, just could not get enough of it!  I was so inspired by all the lovely flowers that I made more entries than Tiger did this time.

Now that we are putting entries into our nature journals, I worry about whether we are doing it right.  We were certainly very happy when we were drawing and experimenting with the different medium and techniques, which has more of an artistic flavour than a scientific one.  Should I worry about the scientific accuracy in our botanical drawings?  Perhaps.  One step at a time for us here.  Once I get the consistency of entry underway, I'll worry about accuracy.

Meanwhile, I'm having a lot of fun just playing around.

We did eventually get some practical work done in our garden, besides just looking and painting.  We planted butternut squash, sunflowers, aubergine, and sweet peppers.

We are keeping our fingers crossed about these seedlings.  Hopefully in a few months we will have some interesting produce to collect.  Meanwhile, keeping track of the growth of our plants will keep us busy for a while.

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  1. Beautiful drawings! I used to worry about accuracy but that took away some of the pleasure so we didn't pay too much attention to it eventually. Besides, the fine motor skills just weren't in place at the time. Enjoy your tulips! They used to captivate me when I saw them IRL for the first time many years ago.

  2. What great drawings, and I'm always impressed with people who can garden...... I can not, sadly.

    Thanks for linking up to Science Sunday!

  3. Oh, your flowers are beautiful!

    I'm pondering the idea of picking up nature journaling with the kids again. They enjoy exploring nature and talking about things, but not recording them in a journal. But surprise! they said they would LIKE to do it today!


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