Wednesday, 24 August 2011

A "Typical" Homeschool Day

One of the most frequently asked essay questions on a business school application form in 'ancient' time (i.e. when I went to b-school) was:
Describe a Typical Day at Work

I must have done quite well answering this question because I did receive a heavy package a few months later.  With that, I packed my bags, hopped on the plane, and had a nice swim around the shark pool for two glorious years.

Now that I am in a role that is a few galaxies away from what everyone, including myself, expected me to have, let's see how I fare this time attempting to answer the same question.  A major difference this time is that I am answering this question as part of a fun "Not" Back to School Blog Hop, rather than trying to get past the b-school admissions committee.

Our 'official' start date for Year 2 is September 5th.  However, we have been easing ourselves back into the new academic year's schedule this week, with much success, so I will use that as our basis for a 'typical' homeschool day.

Those who have been homeschooling for a while know that there is no such thing as a typical day.  Although we have a timetable pinned up on the board in front of our work table so that both Tiger and I know what is expected to be done at certain times of the day, the schedule is thrown out of the window if something more interesting than working-at-the-table comes along.  Nonetheless, when we do stay at home for most part of the week, we tend to follow this pattern:

6:30am      Everyone gets up.  We have breakfast together before Tortoise heads out to work.

7:30am      I have a BIG cup of get-my-engine-started coffee, check the emails and world news.  Tiger does his chores and plays or reads.

8:30am      Morning Lessons (Language Arts, Music, Math) start, with a 20-minute break for fruit in mid-morning.  Tiger usually manages to squeeze in some reading at this time.

12:30pm    Lunch time.  Tiger sets the table and practises karate while he waits for lunch to be served.  We have very simple lunch (sandwiches or reheat of dinner).  After lunch we have quiet times to ourselves.  I catch up with laundry or the dishes, while Tiger practises the piano and plays or reads quietly afterwards.

1:30pm      Afternoon Lessons (Latin, Science, History, Art, Nature Study) starts.

3:00pm      Lessons end!  Hurrah!  I start to cook dinner.  Tiger practises karate and Chinese writing before going out to play.  While dinner is being cooked on the stove/oven, I join Tiger in his play.

5:30pm       Tortoise is back home from work.  We have family dinner together.

6:15pm       Father-and-son time (gardening, tinkle with the car, play games).  Meanwhile, I catch up with chores.

7:00pm       Tiger has a quick shower, brushes his teeth and jumps into bed for his bedtime stories.

7:30pm        I'm off duty!  Once a week I go out to do our weekly grocery shopping.  Another night I go to an art club.  Usually Tortoise and I just sit and catch up with each other's day. Then mindless browsing of the internet kicks in.

10:30pm     Start getting ready for bed.

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