Thursday, 13 July 2017

Guess Who Showed Up This Evening?

Tortoise have been saying that he wants to get a dog as a pet.  We've been going back and forth on this topic because I think it's an absolutely lovely idea for Tiger to have a dog to grow up with.

Except that I don't fancy picking up dog poo.  Neither do I have the time to walk the dog these days... heck, I barely get home before 9pm on most days so I'd do well to take myself on walks!

Anyhow, tonight I was home early (by 6pm!) as I was out on training.  As I prepared dinner for my family, I glanced out at the garden and saw this:

This red fox started visiting our garden a few months ago, but it has intensified its visits in the past few weeks, familiarising itself to the surrounding.

After some inspection (it was here last weekend as well), it settled itself on the bed of cut grass and slept for a good half hour.

What a gorgeous animal!

Well, since the fox is from the dog family, I'm happy for it to continue to visit us and be our unofficial pet.

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