Thursday, 7 March 2013

What's the time, Mr. Wolf?

To start off this topic, Tiger read a book that we have on the shelf for many years and that which was used a few years ago in his preschool years:

As a revision to what Tiger already knew of reading the clock, we worked through the Telling Time activity by making a clock face and reading various times.

To make sure that Tiger knew how to tell time both in numbers and words, we played the What's the Time? game.  First we matched the words with the time shown on the clock faces, then we turned the pieces of paper over and played a memory game with the same set.


After the basic telling time exercise, we proceeded to work out a few problems that required carrying over between hours and minutes.

We then worked through a few maths games:
1. Clocks
2. How Many Times?

3. The Time Is... For this game, Tiger started out sequencing set A, followed by set B.  He then combined both sets and sequenced all the cards.  The interesting part of this game is the mixture of analog and digital times, so that the analog clock is open to interpretation as to whether it shows A.M. or P.M.  I told Tiger that as long as he could provide a valid reason to the way he sequenced the cards, it's entirely up to him how he interpreted the analog time.

4. Two Clocks

5. The trickest of all was the Wonky Watches, which required quite a bit more thinking, as well as applied division.

To take another perspective on the concept of time, Tiger read this book,

followed by a related clip:

All of a sudden, our maths topic took on a turn into physics, so we watched two more clips which led to more discussions about the concept of time, how it came about, using maths to represent observations and natural phoenomena, the correlation between the initial hypothesis and the mathematical proof, etc.

Did we understand everything from the two clips above?  No.  Did watching them generate some interesting questions and discussions between us?  Yes, and that's good enough for us for now.

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  1. It's funny how the concept of telling time all of a sudden jumped into high level number concepts. When my daughter studied the Mayans a few months ago there was a lot of discussion on the end of the calendar. In reality the Mayans didn't believe it was the end, but the starting of the next cycle. Just like our calendar ends in December and we begin a new cycle in January..... or the year 2000 started a new cycle. What she studied sounds a bit like some of the concepts in End of Time video from your post.

  2. Yes, the concept of time is very interesting from many perspectives. We'll be doing some more work on this topic soon.

  3. I love that time wasn't just taught in the context of hours and minutes but also the earth moving around the sun. The lets find out books are great, we've used them a lot over the years. Another great maths lesson. Well done Hwee!!

  4. Sorry, I meant earth moving on its axis (it's early, my children are all ill and I've not had that all important coffee yet!!!

  5. Don't worry, Claire. I can't function without my morning coffee either. :-) Sorry to hear that the children are unwell. Hope they feel better very soon!

  6. It looks like a great week.
    Blessings, Dawn

  7. Thank you, Dawn. It was indeed a good one. :-)

  8. I love all of the different activities and games you played to teach time! I may borrow a few of these. Time is still a difficult concept for my daughter.

  9. I love all your spin-off fun! Isn't it wonderful when you end up some place completely unexpected?

    You've reminded me that my kids may be due a review of telling the time, too!

  10. Jennifer - thanks for stopping by. Please feel free to use the ideas!

  11. Lucinda - yes, following the spin-offs is becoming an interesting and exciting way to learn. :-)

  12. We have the book Me Counting Time- fun idea! Thanks for linking to Share It Saturday!

  13. Thanks for linking this up to Look What We Did. Tomorrow I will be kicking off a new link up for April. I hope you'll stop by and add all your new posts. I look forward to seeing what you've been up to. -Savannah


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